RED Program

Supervisor of Special Programs
Mrs.Janel Nese
Telephone: 201-251-3140 ext.10557
Fax: 201-670-9334
email: [email protected]

Mrs. Nadine Macolino
Main Office Secretary
Telephone: 201-251-3140 ext. 60023
Fax: 201-670-9334


Our Program

The RED Program offers a comprehensive educational experience for the preschool disabled student. Our curriculum provides instruction in four major areas of development: Social Skills, Motor Skills, Cognitive Skills, Communication Skills

In each area, concepts and skills are introduced that are appropriate to each child's needs and stage of development. Hands on activities and real life experiences are planned according to thematic units that have relevance and meaning for the preschool child. Students learn at their own pace with numerous opportunities for practice. 

In addition to the core educational program, therapeutic related services are available and may include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. The therapists work closely with the classroom teacher, integrating individual therapies into the daily program. All related services are designed to address the needs of the student in the context of the environment.

Our Students

The RED Program offers educational services to Ridgewood children, ages 3 to 5, who have been classified as "eligible for special services and related services" according to N.J.A.C. 6A:14. Students may exhibit one or more of the following: 

Motor Delays, Cognitive Delays, Communication Delays, Inappropriate Behaviors, Limited Social/Play Skills, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity. 

Each child enters the program with an "IEP" or Individualized Education Program. The IEP identifies a child's educational needs as well as their specified individualized goals and objectives. The IEP guides the classroom teacher in the development of each child's educational experience.

Our Classrooms

The RED Program is divided into heterogeneous class groups of up to twelve children with a classroom teacher and two classroom aides.  The classes meet each day from 9:00 am until 1:45 pm and follow the Ridgewood Public Schools calendar. An extended summer program is offered during the month of July. A typical day includes a variety of developmentally appropriate activities in various settings. The morning activities emphasize pre-academic and readiness skills through work time and circle time. Lunch time is an important instructional period as students learn to develop and improve self-help skills and daily living skills. The afternoon activities are usually in large groups and emphasize play skills and social skills. When appropriate, supported inclusion activities are provided.