About Glen RED

What numbers alone do not tell

Glen School is an early childhood center serving infants and preschool children.  It is home to the Ridgewood Public Schools' preschool special education programs.  In addition, Glen School classrooms are rented by one private preschool / daycare programs.  The public preschool special education programs are known as the Ridgewood Early Developmental (RED) Program and the Ridgewood Early Developmental Ridgewood Intensive Services (RED RISe) Program.  The students enrolled in the RED Program and the RED RISe Program are educated in a developmentally appropriate environment that targets the special needs of each individual student.  The RED and RED RISe Programs are fully compliant with both state and federal regulations regarding special education and related services for preschool students with disabilities.   In addition, families are welcome to participate in the Glen School HSA, a supportive and dedicated group of parents who provide the Glen school children with special events and activities throughout the year.

Glen School's Mission Statement

The mission of Glen School is to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for infants and preschool students. Specific to the RED and RED RISe Programs, the mission includes the provision of a free and appropriate public school education for preschool students who demonstrate developmental delays or disabilities.

Glen School's Belief Statements

  • The preschool environment should be safe and nurturing for the young child.
  • The preschool and family should work together in fostering the development of the young child.
  • Instruction and curriculum should be developmentally appropriate to meet the individual needs of the preschool student.
  • Preschool students learn by actively interacting with their environment, and therefore should be provided with numerous opportunities to practice their skills in real hands-on activities.
  • Let's remember to play!  The importance of play is integral in facilitating the development of social skills and communication skills.
  • Preschool students with disabilities require and benefit from proactive early intervention services through the provision of an individualized and differentiated educational program that addresses the specific needs of the student and enables the student to develop to the fullest extent possible.