Building Security
Dear Glen School Parents,

The Ridgewood Public Schools is in the process of upgrading building security in all of the district's schools.  These security upgrades will change the way the staff, students, and parents enter the building.  Specifically at Glen School, the present code-based entrance boxes will be replaced with entrance boxes that require a swipe card.  As consistent with all of the district schools, the Glen School staff will be wearing picture IDs that will also be used to activate the entrance boxes.

Since Glen School is unlike the district's other schools in terms of the need for parents to enter the building, the district is offering parents the opportunity to purchase a swipe card that will activate the entrance boxes for their child's respective program.  The cost of each swipe card is $5.00 per card and this non-refundable fee covers the cost of the card and activation.  The parent card will not carry a picture, but will have the name of the person who owns the card.  It is suggested that parents order a card only for people who consistently need to enter the building to either pick-up or take their child to school.  If you only need to enter the building on limited occasions, you may ring the doorbell to request entrance into the building.

Since these swipe cards are individualized to the person who wears it, once the card is no longer needed, it should be returned and then will be destroyed.  A lost card must be reported immediately so the district may deactivate the card.  Lost cards may be replaced for a $10.00 fee.

Please click here for the form to order cards.  Return the completed form to the director of your preschool program.  If you have any questions, you may contact your preschool director.